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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

For my first post I'd like to give a shout out to those who gave their  time, energy and love to throw one of the most amazing parties I've yet to experience. Carrie Clark, my left arm (sorry, inside joke) put together a benefit concert at Vito's in Seattle last August 15th.  Her goal was to raise money for me to defray cost of my FD therapies (yes, fixing FD is pricey). Thank you so, so, much Carrie, words fail to describe my gratitude. 

Carrie had excellent conceptual help (as well as planning, providing gear etc.) from dear and amazing friends such as Dave Pascal, Chris Monroe, Dwight Beckmeyer, Rob Witmer, and Kohen Burill. All of the above performed that night along with the amazing Billie Wildrick, Joshua Carter, Angie Louise, Nathan Wade, Jeanette d'Armand, Tubaluba, Eduardo Mendonça, Kellee Bradely Also special thanks to Laurie Clark for providing her photo to Jane Brown who made a wonderful poster for the event.  

Last but not least, 1,000 thanks to Leilani Berinobis for making flyers and being all-around awesome.  Much Love!

To be honest, I was reluctant when Carrie first brought up the idea of a benefit concert.  I'm not very good at accepting gifts.  However, it became clear that this could also be an opportunity to get the word out about FD.  I imagined a small gathering but Carrie pulled out out all the stops. When I first saw the billing I was floored. Ok, I started to bawl. The turn-out was huge and the music these fine folks created was out of this world! 

Long story short, the night was an incredible confluence of talent.  I am humbled to have been a part of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am grateful for the amount of money raised, it was more than I had imagined. You have all lightened the financial burden (yes, FD is pricey to fix). Though I have kept some gigs in the theatre world, I have been forced to turn down a lot of work elsewhere. Your contributions have eased my anxiety. Your unbridled outpouring of love and energy have inspired me to create this blog and face up to my fears of the future. 

In addition, after a whiskey (or 2) I was graced to speak at the event to my community about FD. It is important to create more awareness of the latest detriment to musicians in the 21 century. That is not to say that FD is new, it has had other names in the past (all the way back to early 19th century). Yet in modern times more and more musicians are affected by it, and I was proud to spread the word about it's effects and possible prevention. 

Having FD sucks. It is with me at all times whether I'm playing an instrument or not. I wake up with it, pick my nose with it, get mad at it. Thank You to all for taking the edge off of my FD anxiety. Love you ALL:)